Living to Tell About It

A Testament to Eternal Life
Through the eyes of Lundy Kiger


The content of this website deals with human death, spiritual life, God’s Holy Spirit and the spiritual evil of this world. This website is designed specifically for the believer, who is looking to increase their spiritual faith by building a stronger personal relationship with God and finding lasting peace and happiness in their life and the spiritual life to come.

My Incredible Story

Here is but a summary of my journey to discovering
God and cultivating an intimate relationship with Him.

The Commitment

Like most people, I’m a sinner and no one special in this world. But by being a Christian, this makes me special to God and makes all things possible.

The Hospital

I wasn’t afraid of hearing bad news. I just experienced death and was unafraid

The Calling

I prayed for several days, then I listened and obeyed

The Sting

I was stung on the face and within 2-minutes, I was on the ground dying.

The Confusion

After getting out of the hospital, I felt I didn’t belong here any longer.

The Work

The message was clear. Speak boldly, tell believers and you have more work to do.

My Testimony of
God’s Grace

The Day You Die Doesn’t Have To Be The Worst Day of Your Life. In Fact, For Me, It Was The Greatest Day of My Life and It Changed My Life Forever.

Lundy Kiger is a civic leader, former teacher, state legislator and energy executive.

Lundy Kiger has been a dedicated community and economic development leader in Oklahoma for over 30 years, and the father of one amazing son and three beautiful stepdaughters who he loves as his own.
Lundy has been successful for his community and region in his work as an educator, business leader and state legislator. But with the development of building a stronger personal relationship with God, Lundy no longer sees politics, or many other things of this life that he enjoyed, as important enough to take his time away from telling this incredible story for the Lord.

A personal Letter
from Lundy

most important thing that I must do in telling this story is to be totally accurate in my account of the event before my Lord and Savior. The last thing I want to do is stand before God on the Day of Judgement and have to answer questions of me embellishing this story in any way to others. Once you hear the entire story, you can decide for yourself if the account that I give on this day, and from those who were there and gave their testimony, or anyone involved in any part of what happened, makes the account of my story accurate and real.  
The purpose of telling this story is from the promise that I made to God after surviving this near death experience, that I call a near spiritual life experience. But this story doesn’t end in great happiness for Lundy in surviving, in fact, it was just the opposite.

In telling this amazing story, I also promised to God that I would not personally benefit financially from telling this story. So, whatever doors may open or wherever God allows this to go, I will never take payment for telling this story.

God has blessed me, and God will continue blessing me, and until God calls me Home or I’m physically unable to tell it. I promised God that I would never take payment for telling this story that would personally benefit me financially as income.

The Experience

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